‘If you have a dream, never let go of it’: Kathryn Bernardo’s mom shares touching tribute after FAMAS win

Min Bernardo spills tea on how daughter, FAMAS Best Actress Kathryn Bernardo, faced and endured struggles in life, career en route to achieving her dream

After more than two decades in the showbiz limelight, Kathryn Bernardo has finally achieved every celebrity’s dream: winning the “Best Actress” award from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS0 for her stellar performance in “A Very Good Girl.” Her mom, Min Bernardo, couldn’t be prouder.

Min took to social media to express her overflowing pride and joy, reflecting on her 28-year-old daughter’s challenges throughout her career and personal life.

“Reflecting through your journey, I can say na sobrang proud kami sayo, anak! Remembering how you faced every struggle and challenge na napagdaanan mo/natin as family,” she wrote. “Watching you overcome everything and grow into an amazing person you are has been one of our greatest blessings.”

Min also praised Kath for staying focused on her ultimate goal of being recognized as a good actress, a dream she has now achieved with her FAMAS award.

“If you have a dream, never let go of it. Don’t give up till the end,” the actress’ mom advised.

She also commended Kath for maintaining her good values and positive attitude despite the challenges she faced.

“I never knew how strong you are until I saw your determination and how you bounce back every after fall. You remained positive and kind to the world no matter what,” said Min.

This heartfelt tribute comes in the wake of Kath’s public split from her long-term boyfriend, actor Daniel Padilla. Their breakup, after 11 years together, showcased Kath’s grace and maturity, earning her even more respect from both fans and colleagues.