GOAT status confirmed! League of Legends honors Sokor gamer FAKER with Hall of Legends status

The League of Legends pays tribute to GOAT Faker with a mind-blowing Hall of Legends feature.

South Korean gamer Faker is known in the League of Legends community as the GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to the game. And now, the League is honoring its best by honoring him with his own Hall of Legends status.

In the teaser trailer for the feature, League of Legends shared interviews of players who faced off with Faker to see what they thought of this gaming prodigy.

“He can carry the game all by himself,” said one player.

“He’s an anomaly,” gushed another.

“He was 5 to six years ahead of everyone else,” another said. Even his father shared his thoughts about his son’s emotional journey.

The feature promised to showcase not just Faker’s triumphs but also the doubt that came from playing the game for a long time, making his story even more relatable and inspiring to others who are seeking to take a similar path.

The goosebumps-inducing trailer is now available on League of Legends’ official YouTube page while the full feature will be released on June 14.