Gerald Anderson gets real about love, loss, and turning regrets into life lessons

Actor Gerald Anderson spills the tea on how he overcame scandals and grew stronger.

Actor Gerald Anderson has faced a whirlwind of controversies and personal challenges throughout his showbiz career.

His parents, American father Randy Gerald Anderson Sr. and Filipino mother Evangeline Opsima, separated just as he was about to enter the entertainment industry in the mid-2000s.

Despite being labeled a “heartbreaker” due to his high-profile relationships and breakups with several actresses, the actor has refused to be bogged down. Instead, he chose to move forward and thrive.

“You just have to live your life. What do I do? Hindi na ako lalabas ng pinto? Do I not go to work? Paano ko papakainin pamilya ko? It’s part of the journey. Ito pinili natin e,” said Gerald in her interview with broadcaster Karen Davila on her vlog.

To move forward with life, Gerald has chosen to use his experiences as lessons to become a better version of himself.

“There are things you would like to change, redo, or to do better. Pero walang ganun e. You just have to learn from that situation,” he said.

In doing so, he has not only become a successful actor but also a businessman and basketball player. “I wouldn’t be who I am now kung hindi ko nagawa yung tama or mali kasi marami ako natutunan e. I cannot regret everything because I am who I am now because of what I’ve been through,” he explained.

He emphasized that personal growth has significantly contributed to his career and business ventures.

“Yung growth as a person helped me. Yung natutunan ko sa personal life ko helped me in my showbiz career, being a businessman,” he said.