Gary V’s true success measured by hearts touched, not seats filled

"Mr. Pure Energy" Gary Valenciano puts more value on touching lives instead of selling out shows and concerts.

For four decades, OG singer Gary Valenciano has been firing up stages with his pure energy, grooving to timeless tunes, and touching the hearts of fans worldwide with his unforgettable performances.

From sold-out concerts in arenas and coliseums to international gigs, Gary V has been the icon of musical excellence, but for him, success isn’t measured in sold-out tickets or the number of fans flocking to watch him perform.

In an interview with talent manager Ogie Diaz on his vlog, Gary V shared his unique perspective on success, emphasizing that it’s not just about packing venues but about the impact his music has on people’s lives.

“Kunwari itong concert na ito, sabihin natin it will have 10,000 people there. E ano ngayon kung 10,000, sold out pero walang umuwi na parang ‘awww yung kanta na yun nakatulong sa akin, yung mensahe na yun kailangan ko ngayon’. Kung walang ganun, for me, kulang ginawa ko. Nag entertain lang ako. E yun na ginagawa na lahat e,” said Gary V.

According to Gary, true success is measured by the individuals who are inspired to change their lives after hearing his songs.

“Kung may isa lang dun na magsasabi na ‘yan ang gagawin ko paguwi ko’, na ‘dahil nadinig ko yung kanta ni Gary V., yun ang gagawin ko’. That is the only time masasabi ko na ‘success’,” he added.

Gary’s mission has always been to be more than just a singer—he strives to connect with fans on a deeper level and leave a lasting impact beyond the stage.

“Nandun ako sa entablado, babanggitin ko pangalan Niya. Most people wouldn’t do that. Most people would just go on stage, sing the popular songs. Ako hindi. I’m going to grab the opportunity na humigit pa dun,” said Gary.

As he prepares for his latest concert, “One Last Time,” he sees it as an opportunity to get even closer and more intimate with his fans. The April 26 and 27 shows will mark the final performances on big stages, but Gary assures fans that it’s not the end of the journey.

“There’s a difference between a big venue and an intimate venue. Those concerts kaya ko pa gawin. In fact may tour pa kami ngayon in smaller venues. Mga 2,000. It’s big but not like a 10,000 seater. For me, this is the right time. Is it gonna be the end? No. But it will be the end of a chapter. Not the end of the book. We will open a new chapter,” said Gary.