Game On: Manila City’s latest weapon against dengue is a cool mobile game!

Manila debuts “Kapitan Ligtas” mobile game to fight dengue.

Over the years, the battle against dengue has taken on various forms. This time, it’s embracing the language of the youth: a mobile game.

The Manila City government has launched “Kapitan Ligtas: Dengue Fighter,” a free-to-download mobile game now available on Google Play, and soon to hit the Apple Store for iPhone users.

This virtual game was introduced during the city’s observance of “Dengue Awareness Month,” which coincides with the onset of the rainy season.

According to Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna, introducing a mobile game focused on dengue is a strategic move to raise awareness about the mosquito-borne disease that has long plagued the country and claimed many lives because many young Filipinos are hooked on mobile games.

“Para din po sa mga anak at apo kasi very educational ang laro o app na ito, kung saan makikita po kung paano nilalabanan ni Kapitan Ligtas ang lamok na may dalang dengue,” said Lacuna in a Philippine News Agency report.

The game features Kapitan Ligtas, the Manila Health Department’s mascot who teaches residents preventive measures against illnesses and guides them on what to do if they fall sick.

Conceived by MHD chief Dr. Arnold Panga, the game is designed to make it appealing to children, who are at the highest risk for dengue.