Galit ka? The ultimate anger management hack you need to try, according to science

Japanese scientists discovered that writing down angry thoughts on paper and tossing them away is the surest way to get rid of your anger instantly.

Turns out, simply writing your rage down on a piece of paper and tossing it away is the magic trick to banish your anger almost entirely, according to a study.

Scientists from Nagoya University in Japan discovered that writing down your angry thoughts on a piece of paper and then disposing of it can work wonders. They ran an experiment where participants wrote opinion pieces on hot social issues and received brutal, insulting feedback.

After getting roasted, participants wrote down their reactions. One group tossed the paper in the bin or shredded it, while another group kept their written rants in a file or clear box.

Those who ditched their angry notes calmed down almost instantly, while the others stayed pretty mad.

These results blew away lead researcher Nobuyuki Kawai: We expected that our method would suppress anger to some extent. However, we were amazed that anger was eliminated almost entirely,” he said in a Daily Mail report.

The team also said that this hack can be useful for office workers who find themselves in stressful situations.

“This technique could be applied at the moment by writing down the source of anger as if taking a memo and then throwing it away when one feels angry in a business situation,” added Kawai.