Fuiyoh! ‘Lumpia Queen’ Abi Marquez gets a follow from Uncle Roger on Instagram—roast or collab coming soon?

A potential collab between Philippines’ lumpia queen Abi Marquez and Malaysian comic Uncle Roger could be in the works after the latter followed the award-winning content creator on Instagram.

After winning a Webby Award and being named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in Asia, content creator Abi Marquez is riding high. And with these recent achievements, she also caught the eye of other global content creators, including none other than Uncle Roger, aka Nigel Ng.

Uncle Roger, famously known for his beef with Jamie Oliver over his take on egg fried rice and countless other Asian foods, has now followed our very own Lumpia Queen on Instagram.

Abi couldn’t resist screenshotting the new development and joked that everyone knows what comes next when Uncle Roger follows you – you either get roasted or you get a collab.

“ancestors will be happy .Fuiyoh!!”

“Fuiyoh! Fried rice in lumpia! Hahahaha”

“Uncle Roger roasting soon hiyaaaahhhh”

“Yup! Uncle rogers egg fried rice and your lumpia would be a great breakfast!”

“And here comes our favorite Orange Wearing Tito haha.”