From tough love to gratitude: Dina Bonnevie reveals using Tabasco to discipline daughter Danica—and how it paid off

Actress-host Danica Sotto-Pingris shares her realization about the importance of her mom, Dina Bonnevie, being super strict with her while she was growing up.

Being a parent means guiding and teaching your kids how to navigate life. Some parents take a hard-line approach, even resorting to corporal punishment. Celebrities Dina Bonnevie and Danica Sotto-Pingris know this all too well.

In an interview with broadcaster Karen Davila in her vlog, Dina revealed the ups and downs of her relationship with Danica during her childhood.

“Disciplinarian ako. I even told Vic (Sotto) to ‘stick to my discipline because I grew up well’. Nagsinungaling minsan tapos sinagot sagot ako. Nilagyan ko ng Tabasco ang bibig,” recalled Dina, who gave birth to Danica at a young age of 19.

She explained her strict approach: “I felt it was necessary. Yung pagka-bull headed niya, hindi siya takot sa akin. (To her) Si Daddy mabait, Lola spoils me pero si mommy parang Hitler. Ang kontrabida ng buhay ko. Sabi ko sa kanya one day you’ll appreciate me for being the villain in your life.”

True enough, Danica later realized the value of her mother’s discipline. As an adult and a mother herself, she appreciated Dina’s tough love.

“When I became an adult, naisip ko na mabuti she disciplined us. Kasi kung hindi, baka tuloy-tuloy na naging brat ako or di ako ganitong kaya ko makisama sa kahit sinong tao,” said Danica.

“Her being strict naiintindihan ko na na baka she was just scared na mapariwara ako or may gawin ako na something stupid na pagsisihan ko,” she added.

She didn’t keep this realization to herself. Danica openly expressed her gratitude to her mom and the life lessons she learned from her. “We were at home and I said `mommy, thank you’. Now, I understand how hard it must have been for you raising us while also growing up at the same time,” she said.