Fr. Jerry Orbos’ ultimate guide to a stress-free life: Say goodbye to SPAMs!

Renowned priest Fr Jerry Orbos urges the faithful to let go of the SPAMs in life and focus on the blessings that truly matter.

Ever get riled up by a bad comment on social media, a colleague flaunting his fancy watch, or your neighbor’s frequent travels?

According to renowned priest Fr. Jerry Orbos, these are what he calls Small, Petty, Adjustable matters—or SPAMs.

In his recent homily, Fr. Jerry shared his wisdom on handling life’s SPAMs and avoid getting the bad vibes:

“Many times, naa-upset ka sa silly matter, a petty matter na naadjust naman yan. Kaya lang ikaw, focused ka na dun kaya upset ka na. Alam mo gawin sa SPAM, delete or disregard,” he suggested.

“Ano madalas na pinoproblema mo or bumabagabag sayo? Are they really essential matters? Baka SPAM lang yan. Treat them as spam,” he added.

He also advised treating negative people the same way: “Why should you be affected by negative people? Ano man gawin mo, andyan pa din sila. So treat them as SPAM.”

According to Fr. Jerry, this perspective aligns with his teachings for a stress-free life.

“Huwag mo patulan lahat. Choose your battles. I cannot handle all problems. I’ll just choose what is important. I don’t waste my time feeling bad. What for? Dismiss na lang,” he said.

Instead of stressing over SPAMs, he encouraged focusing on what truly matters in life. “What’s the biggest blessing we have? We are still alive. May nagmamahal sayo. Those are the biggest blessings,” he said.

“Ang dami mong blessings (pero)hindi mo nakikita kasi maliliit na bagay ang pinapatulan mo,” the priest added.