Foodie alert! Kare-kare ranks 18th best dish with goat on Taste Atlas

Filipino favorite kare-kare was ranked 18th in Taste Atlas’ “71 Best Rated Dish with Goat” list.

There’s a Pinoy dish stealing the global spotlight, and it’s not adobo.

Kare-kare, the beloved Filipino stew brimming with peanutty goodness, has just clinched the 18th spot on Taste Atlas’ prestigious list of the “71 Best Dishes with Goat.

This dish—made from rich, savory peanut sauce, tender meat, and a medley of vegetables—is a staple at family gatherings and festive occasions, much like the Pinoy favorite adobo.

While it’s commonly prepared with oxtail, tripe, or beef, the goat version has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of foodies worldwide.

This isn’t the first time that kare-kare earned a spot on Taste Atlas’ list. In 2022, the dish was ranked as the 53rd best-rated stew in the world.

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The origins of the dish are a topic of debate. Some believe it hails from the Pampanga region, while others claim it was introduced by the Indians in Rizal province, deriving its name from the Indian word “curry,” according to Taste Atlas on its website.

“Over the years, the dish has evolved, so some cooks like to add chilis or green papaya for an extra kick, although the traditional kare-kare sauce should ideally be devoid of seasonings, spices, and chilis,” it said.

“Regardless of the origins of kare-kare, it is still a favorite dish among the natives,” it added.

To the uninitiated, kare-kare is best paired with a generous helping of steaming white rice and the salty, umami goodness of bagoong, which perfectly balances the dish’s sweet peanut sauce.

Topping the Taste Atlas list, updated on May 18, is Mexico’s barbacoa, followed by India’s keema and the rice dish Hyderabadi biryani.