Foodie Alert! Adobong Hito and Bicol’s Sinanglay Ranked Among Top Freshwater Fish Dishes in the World

Philippines’ freshwater fish dishes adobong hito and sinanglay featured in Taste Atlas as among the world’s best freshwater fish dishes.

The Philippines’ rich waters continue to bring attention to some of the best seafood dishes worthy of global attention. Case in point: adobong hito and sinanglay, which recently made it to Taste Atlas’ Top 80 Freshwater Fish Dishes in the World.

Adobong hito secured the 71st spot, while the humble dish from Bicol edged ahead at 70th place.

Adobong hito is celebrated as a traditional stew featuring catfish cooked in crushed garlic, vinegar, ginger juice, lard, salt, and pepper. It’s a perfect match with a side of rice.

Meanwhile, sinanglay is stuffed fish wrapped in pechay, and cooked in coconut milk and a blend of spices. Though typically made with tilapia, other fish like maya-maya (red snapper), pompano, catfish, or milkfish work equally well.