First college grad in the family! Maymay Entrata shares pride in cousin’s graduation milestone

Maymay Entrata is one proud cousin, celebrating the first college graduate in her family.

Maymay Entrata couldn’t be prouder of her cousin for being the first in their family to graduate from college.

In an emotional post, the “AMALABOGERA” singer revealed that nine years ago, she encouraged her three cousins to study hard and promised to support their education by working in showbiz.

Maymay shared that she never regretted her choice, as her cousins have been working tirelessly to keep their promise.

She emphasized that she doesn’t want her cousin to feel obligated to repay her. For Maymay, it’s enough that she can now stand on her own two feet after completing her education.

“Salamat dahil tinupad mo pangarap mo dahil ang pangrap mo ay pangarap ko din. Isa ito sa napakalaking biyaya at achievement sa buhay ko,” said Maymay.

Fans poured in with love and support:

“Congrats may,sinundan ko ang career mo umpisa sa pbb,napakabuti mong anak ate pinsan at kapatid kaya i bleblessed ka ni lord ng sobra sobra”

“Wow, pag bukal talaga sa loob ang pagtulong, hindi naghahangad ng isusukli sa kanya.”

“Congrats Mamay and to your cousin. God will continue to bless you because such a good person”