Find peace daily with this surprising advice from Fr. Jerry Orbos

Renowned priest Fr. Jerry Orbos encourages everyone to stop being control freaks and instead let go of life's steering wheel.

Many Filipinos are familiar with the phrase “Bahala na si Batman,” using it during difficult or hopeless situations when they leave their fate to destiny. But according to renowned priest, Fr. Jerry Orbos, this mindset shouldn’t be limited to desperate moments.

In his homily last Sunday, Fr. Jerry said people need to learn to let go of control in their lives. “Problema ng marami sa atin, you are so control freaks. You have to be in control of everything and of everyone,” he said.

“What the Lord is telling us is, every day, you must learn to let go and let God. I hope you learn that so that your life will be more peaceful and joyful,” he furthered.

The priest also pointed out that not everything can be controlled by an individual, and sometimes, we need the help of others or even divine intervention. “What the Lord is telling us today is hindi lang sa desperate cases ka mag-let go,” he said.

“Many things are beyond our control. The sooner you learn that, the better,” he added.