Fil-Canadian actor Manny Jacinto’s ‘Star Wars’ role gets internet swooning

Philippine-born actor Manny Jacinto captures the hearts of “Star Wars” fans over his impressive performance in “The Acolyte."

The Force is definitely strong with Manny Jacinto, the Philippine-born actor who’s got fans hooked on the latest episode of the Disney+ series “The Acolyte.”

The Filipino-Canadian actor has been trending on social media as fans are raving about his performance as Qimir in the Star Wars series and his good looks as Sith Lord.

And for Filipino fans, Manny just hinted at the possibility of visiting the Philippines soon. In an Instagram by When in Manila, he shared his desire to visit the hometown of his parents, Lito and Emmy.

“Fingers crossed, we get to do something over there. Always miss going back to the Philippines. Fingers crossed, we’ll see. Let me talk to Disney,” said Manny, who moved to Canada as a child an later to California.