Familiar faces ahead! Netflix casts new crew members for ‘One Piece’ live action’s Season 2

Netflix picked familiar faces from popular series as part of the cast of the new season of One Piece live-action.

It’s official. With the greenlighting of new seasons of the live-action “One Piece,” Netflix has announced new cast members to aid or impede the adventures of the Straw Hat pirates who endeared themselves to fans of the series in the first season.

Netflix just announced that David Dastmalchian, known for his roles in “Oppenheimer” and “The Suicide Squad,” will play Mr. 3, a cunning agent skilled in creating wax-based weaponry and traps.

Jazzara Jaslyn, who may be familiar to audiences for her work in “Warrior,” is cast as Miss Valentine while Camrus Johnson, who played the character Batwing in “Batwoman,” takes on the role of Mr. 5. Finally, Daniel Lasker, known for his role in “Raised by Wolves,” will be the final Baroque villain Mr. 9.

Meanwhile, Callum Kerr from “Monarch” will take on the role of Smoker, while “Fear Street’s” Julia Rehwald will give life to the character, Tashigi. Rob Colletti of “The Many Saints of Newark” has been cast as Wapol and Ty Keogh of “24 Hours To Live” will take on the character Dalton, Deadline reported.

All the characters are expected to appear in Season 2 of the manga and anime adaptation.

Netflix first premiered the live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s long-running manga to massive success in August 2023.

The first season tackled the backstory of Monkey D. Luffy and his straw hat pirates as they set off to find a legendary treasure called One Piece and ultimately earn the title of Pirate King.