Early Christmas vibes! Jose Mari Chan memes light up social media amid sweltering heat

Jose Mari Chan Christmas memes appear online this early as Pinoys desperately seek relief from the blazing heat.
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It ain’t BER months yet but Jose Mari Chan, the iconic “Father of Philippine Christmas” is already popping up in memes all over the internet this early. And it’s all because of the sweltering temperatures blanketing the country.

In a Facebook post, netizen “Home Baby” shared a meme of Jose Mari Chan contemplating whether he would kick off the holiday spirit unusually early this year.

“Kanta na ba ako para lumamig na?” according to the viral meme.

This suggestion couldn’t have come at a better time considering the blistering heat indexes plaguing different parts of the country.

Netizens wasted no time embracing the idea of some much-needed relief amidst the relentless heat:

“Kanta kana para lumamig na.”

“yan yan sir simulan mo na”

“kanta na sir jose para lumamig ang panahon. hindi na makaya ang kainit ng panahon.”

“Yes matagal pa ba ngayon na please”