Dreams don’t stand alone! SEVENTEEN’s Joshua drops wisdom on why youth need solid support squad

As SEVENTEEN takes the podium for their nomination as the first UNESCO Ambassador for the Youth, they delivered a powerful message about getting the proper support during tough times.

Following the footsteps of their HYBE labelmates, SEVENTEEN took the stage to become international ambassadors for the youth. This time around, SVT was nominated as the first Goodwill Ambassador for the Youth by UNESCO.

In his speech before UNESCO, Joshua spoke about what their group represents. He said that while SEVENTEEN was a big group of 13 members, it was not only marketing that fueled their selection as members.

“We were not on a fast track to success as a K-pop band, and as a big group of 13 individuals, each of us has a different story about our intense journey of nine years. But one thing that we all agree on is that the strong companionship we build along the way was the key.,” Joshua explained.

“We have sung a lot about love and hope that we have felt in our youth, hoping to spread positive vibes to our fellow youth. But there were also tough times when we sang together to bury our sorrow, struggling to breakthrough, and become heroes for ourselves—and in that struggle, I cannot emphasize enough how much courage and inspiration we gain through communicating closely with CARATS. This is what kept us going,” he said.

According to Joshua, they were able to overcome hardships due to a strong and supportive community in their fandom. He said that this was the message that they stood for.

“So, from the bottom of our hearts, we know that our dreams don’t stand alone. And now to give back what we receive from all of you. We are determined to use our voice to create a global youth community,” he said.

“Make stronger through mutual love and support. As the Ambassador for Youth, we will spread the power of companionship and contribute to building supportive youth communities for the better future we envision,” he added.