DOST’s flavored salt: The ultimate glow-up for your meals!

Flavored salt is the latest innovation from the Department of Science and Technology, aimed at revitalizing the country’s sluggish salt industry.

A brainchild of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is sure to leave Salt Bae shookt!

DOST’s Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) recently unveiled its latest innovation—flavored salt and food seasoning, aimed at breathing new life into the country’s lethargic salt industry.

Giving traditional salt a major glow-up, the team led by chemist and inventor Maricar Carandang infused glutamic acid-rich indigenous ingredients like locally-grown seagrapes or “lato,” tiger prawn shrimp heads, and shiitake mushrooms to make food tastier.

“We see to it na magkaroon ng added value yung ating salt. We level up yung ating salt with different kinds of flavors,” said DOST-ITDI Director Anabelle Briones, according to a GMA News Online report. Not only will this flavored salt do wonders for food, but it also has reduced sodium chloride content and packs a whole lot of minerals, she added. This innovation, which began as a humble concept from dialogues with local salt producers in 2015, has also earned accolades on the global stage. It won awards at the 2023 Seoul Invention Fair and the 49th International Exhibit in Geneva, Switzerland held in May.