Don’t skip this! Seasoned host shares the secret to memorable wedding moments

Events host Eri Neeman said that this often-overlooked part of the wedding program is usually the most memorable.

Seasoned events host Eri Neeman dropped a major tip for newlyweds to make their weddings extra memorable—let your loved ones deliver messages on your special day.

In a recent video, Eri shared a moment from Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s wedding where three of their close friends were supposed to give speeches, but due to time constraints, they had to be cut from the program.

One friend, Junie, was visibly upset because he put so much effort into giving the couple a beautiful message, so Eri advised them to include their friends’ messages at the after-party.

The result: three heartfelt and memorable messages that the couple will cherish forever.

Eri said that in his experience, messages from family and friends are crucial because they happen only once on such a special day. They also make a huge impact since they come from a place of love.

“When will you ever hear your siblings of your best friends speak on your wedding day. Once in a lifetime yun hindi na mangyayari ulit. And I’ve seen this time and time again with so many couples that I’ve worked with. Talagang yung parang iniisip dahil ito hindi ginawa or yung di ginawa or nahihiya. Nawawala yung once in a lifetime memory mo sa mga minamahal mo sa buhay,” he said.

“I hope this moves you to push for your messages from or to your loved ones. These short and precious moments will last forever within our lives,” he added.

Cong seemed to agree with Eri and commented that he was very grateful for the host’s advice to push through with the messages. “Thank you ng sobra kuys eri!!!” he said.