Did you hear that? ‘JESUS’ film in American Sign Language gets near-perfect ratings on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes

“JESUS: A Deaf Missions Film” delivers the story of Jesus in American Sign Language to allow the deaf community to experience the story of the Savior in a medium they can relate to.

Cinema is constantly evolving to push for diversity and inclusion and in an amazing feat, a studio has ventured into an extraordinary way to cater to the deaf community by telling the story of Jesus using American Sign Language.

The film, “JESUS” by Deaf Missions has been released in the United States and fully makes use of ASL as the mode of delivery of the characters’ dialogues. The move was well-received not only by the deaf community but by the hearing community as well.

The film, which was released on June 20, now holds an impressive 8.6-star rating on IMDB. It is also certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes with a 98% audience rating.

“All I can say as a hearing person…..Finally a version where we can see the attitudes of a person without needing to hear them. I find sign language being shown by deaf actors as beautiful. Can’t wait to see this.”

“Why did I cry watching this ….. this is so beautiful”

“Wooow this is great. Let everyone hear/see about Jesus the saviour”