Commute glow-up! Pinoys can soon tap their mobile phones for train and bus rides

GCash reveals that it’s teaming up with the government to launch a tap-to-pay feature that will give Filipinos a smoother and faster commute on trains and buses.

 Fumbling for change and waiting in long lines to buy tickets for your train ride will soon be a thing of the past.

GCash just dropped the news that it’s collaborating with the Department of Transportation for a new feature that will allow commuters to breeze through train and bus rides with a simple tap of their smartphones on ticket terminals.

Once rolled out, this tap-to-pay feature on the GCash app will eliminate the hassle of queuing up for physical tickets at stations.

“Once you log in to your app, all it takes is a simple tap of your phone to make payment,” said Oscar Reyes Jr., president and CEO of GCash operator G-Xchange, according to Philippine Daily Inquirer report.

“Skip those payment lines during rush hour. Just tap and ride,” he added.