Comeback please! BLACKJACKS clamor for 2NE1 reunion after 15th anniversary post

2NE1 fans celebrated the debut anniversary of Dara, CL, Minzy and Park Bom with calls to reunite as a full group.

2NE1 celebrated their 15th anniversary with a stunning photoshoot, marking a major milestone for the iconic group. On May 16, all four members shared photos and heartfelt messages to commemorate the occasion.

CL expressed her gratitude by saying, “2NE1 has always been my house that made me feel the freedom to love, to play, to express, to create, to shine, to mix, to connect, and share with people. Hope today’s 2NE1 reminds you to feel your light 🙂 Thank you always 🍒 NOLZA.”

Dara posted, “Happy 15th Anniversary 2NE1 & Blackjacks~!!! I love you~!!! 🥳” Minzy echoed the sentiment with, “#214L #♠️♦️♣️♥️ Happy 15th anniversary🎉 Love you, BlackJack 😍” and Park Bom also celebrated with, “#214L #♠️♦️♣️♥️ Happy 15th anniversary🎉.”

Fans joined in the celebration by leaving warm messages on social media, expressing their pride and longing for the group with comments like, “PROUD TO BE BLACKJACK,”

“Oh how we miss you ladies,”

“They look awesome,”

“Comeback stage please,”

“Happy 15th Anniversary 😍🎂🥳!! I love you all so much,”

“Please new song.”