Coldplay to drop ‘Moon Music’ on eco-friendly vinyl made from recycled plastic—Here’s why it’s a game-changer!

Coldplay’s ‘Moon Music’ vinyl is leading the charge in sustainable music production.

There’s more reason to fall in love with Coldplay all over again! The British band is set to release their latest album, “Moon Music” in October, and they’re making headlines for their eco-friendly approach.

“Moon Music” will be available on limited edition vinyl made from recycled plastic bottles fished out of the waters of Rio Las Vacas in Guatemala, the band announced.

The eco-conscious Coldplay collaborated with Dutch environmental nonprofit The Ocean Cleanup to release this “world first” LP, which is expected to slash carbon emissions by 85% and prevent the production of more than 25 metric tonnes of virgin plastic, reported Euronews.

The special “Notebook Edition” vinyl is crafted from 70% of the plastic intercepted by the Ocean Cleanup from the Guatemalan river, preventing it from entering the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Honduras. The remaining 30% is made from recycled waste plastic bottles from other sources.

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Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, shared his enthusiasm about the collab: “Coldplay is an incredible partner for us and I’m thrilled that our plastic catch has helped bring Moon Music to life.”

“Ensuring the plastic we catch never re-enters the marine environment is essential to our mission, and I’m excited to see how we’ll continue innovating with Coldplay and our other partners to rid the oceans of plastic – together,” he added.

Meanwhile, the CD copies of “Moon Music” will be made from 90% recycled plastic, significantly reducing emissions by 78% compared to traditional CD manufacturing.