Camalig’s Pinangat Festival is making a fiery comeback—Here’s what to expect!

After four years, the town of Camalig in Albay is bringing back the Pinangat Festival, aiming to preserve its rich culture and introduce the delicious, savory dish to the younger generation.

The town of Camalig in Albay is ready to show the world that it’s more than just a spot to view the majestic Mount Mayon. It’s also gearing up to attract global interest with its signature delicacy with the comeback of the Pinangat Festival.

Running from June 10 to 24, the festival will shine a spotlight on the humble yet fiery local dish with a series of exciting activities. These include the Pinangat Amazing Race, a pinangat-making competition for the youth aimed at preserving the culture and promoting the dish among the younger generation.

The festival will also feature the creation of the longest pinangat, stretching a whole kilometer in both spicy and regular flavors.

For the uninitiated, the pinangat is a famous Bicolano dish made of taro leaves, chili, and meat stewed in coconut milk and tied with coconut leaves.

“We want the tourists to see that Camalig has so much to offer. Aside from our famous tourist destinations with Mayon Volcano as a perfect view, we have our famous delicacies like the internationally known pinangat and pili nuts,” said Camalig Mayor Carlos Irwin Baldo Jr. in a Philippine News Agency report.

The local government had to pause the Pinangat Festival four years ago when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country and the continuous threats of Mount Mayon’s eruption.

Now, with the festival’s return, the local government is hoping to boost the town’s tourism and economy, expecting around 20,000 visitors to join the festivities.