Calling all cat lovers! Witness the World Cat Show this weekend, absolutely free

Feline enthusiasts can witness the first time the WCF World Cat Show happens in the Philippines for free this weekend.

Cat lovers, this is your cue! You can witness the debut of the WCF World Cat Show this weekend at One Ayala, absolutely free.

For the first time, the Philippines will host the prestigious competition that celebrates the best and most beautiful cats of various breeds. With over 150 to 200 cats from more than 15 countries, the contest showcases feline breeding and care, highlighting their physical attributes, grooming, and overall presence.

Witness as competitors put on a great show. Cats will be judged based on beauty, temperament, and adherence to breed standards. By the competition’s end, winners for “Best of Best” (top cat in each category) and “Best General” (overall champion) will be crowned.

Of course, their hard work will not go to waste. The cats and their owners will receive trophies, certificate titles, cat supplies from generous donors and brand sponsors, and special prizes for various categories such as Best Kitten, Best Junior, Best Adult, and Best Neuter.

The Philippine World Cat Show will be held on the 5th floor of One Ayala, Makati City, on June 14 and 15.