Bulacan’s foodie scene pushed for inclusion in UNESCO gastronomy list

The Department of Tourism is working to get Bulacan towns and cities offering Kalutong Bulakenyo dishes on UNESCO’s prestigious “City of Gastronomy.”

Bulacan’s heirloom dishes, steeped in rich tradition dating back to precolonial times, are poised for global recognition on the UNESCO gastronomy list.

The Department of Tourism recently announced its intention to champion the push to get Bulacan towns and cities practicing Kalutong Bulakenyo on UNESCO’s esteemed list as all the prerequisites for inclusion are firmly in place and diligently upheld, reported the Philippine Information Agency.

These time-honored dishes, passed down from generation to generation, include beloved classics like Menudong Barrio, Longganisang Calumpit, and Tinapang Bangus.

Across Bulacan, restaurants serving up Kalutong Bulakenyo delights are popping up, exciting the taste buds of local and foreign tourists alike.

Bistro Maloleño, located in the Kamistisuhan district of Malolos, leads the charge with its authentic Bulacan heritage cuisines, featuring dishes like Nilitsong Manok sa Saha ni Andres Bonifacio and Tinolang Manok ni Jose Rizal.

Local governments have also stepped up efforts to preserve these culinary treasures. In 2022, the Provincial History, Arts & Culture, and Tourism Office rolled out a recognition program to honor those dedicated to protecting these heirloom dishes.

Also, Bulacan’s culinary legacy has found its way into educational institutions, with cooking classes on Kalutong Bulakenyo dishes integrated into Home Economics subjects in schools and restaurant management courses in colleges and universities since 2012.