Boracay’s is getting more inclusive: Muslim-friendly private coves coming soon!

Boracay is about to get even more inclusive as a Muslim-friendly destination this September.

Boracay is getting a major glow-up! Starting this September, the island will become a more Muslim-friendly destination with private coves opening exclusively for Muslim women to enjoy.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is rolling out this “Muslim-Friendly Boracay” initiative to attract more Muslim travelers to the Philippines, in partnership with the local government of Malay, Aklan.

The tourism agency also revealed that Malay Mayor Floribar Bautista is on the hunt for the perfect spots and has already identified three potential areas for the private coves, according to a Philippine News Agency report.

Aside from these private coves, the island’s port is also getting a makeover with a new prayer room and ablution area for Muslim guests. Plus, the DOT is welcoming letters of intent from Boracay hotels to be recognized as Muslim-friendly stays.