BLACKPINK Lisa proves international appeal as she drops epic ‘Rockstar’ solo

CEO Lisa Manoban is laughing all the way to the bank as the first release under LLOUD Music is a massive hit.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has always been a formidable soloist and she has proven it yet again after topping iTunes in the US and becoming the highest-charting K-pop song on Apple Music with her latest release “Rockstar.”

This is Lisa Manoban’s first solo outing after renewing her contract with YG Entertainment only for BLACKPINK activities and starting her own label LLOUD for her solo music.

Lisa’s achievement marked a milestone for her solo career as she proved that her reach went beyond the Korean audience, but also resonated on a global scale.

The MV for “Rockstar” has also received positive reactions from fans who were blown away by her decision to block off the entire Chinatown for three nights to shoot the video. It was also reported that she paid residents to make sure none of the videos they took while shooting the MV would leak before its release.

It seemed to work because just three days after the MV launch, it had already generated 54 million views from fans worldwide.