BINI’s Rollercoaster Ride: How They Overcame Struggles to Dominate the P-pop scene

P-pop girl group BINI overcomes early struggles to captivate the nation with their catchy tunes like “Pantropiko” and “Salamin, Salamin.”

BINI, the vibrant Filipino pop girl group, has skyrocketed to stardom with their catchy tunes, stunning visuals, and undeniable charisma. But behind their colorful façade is a story of struggle and resilience that’s as inspiring as their rise to the top.

In an interview with broadcaster Karen Davila on her vlog, BINI members opened up about their early challenges in the industry, compounded by the daunting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also shared poignant anecdotes of feeling invisible and questioning their path.

“We are pandemic babies po. Nung time na nakakalabas na kami, we really started from scratch. Namimigay kami ng flyers, walking around Binondo giving all that po,” said BINI Aiah.

BINI Gwen also recalled how they would feel sad when the flyers they give away end up in the trash. “Sad lang kasi pinaghirapan namin yung flyers na yun,” added BINI Colet.

BINI Sheena, for her part, also shared how the group would feel hurt by the lack of attention given to them during meet-and-greet activities and mall shows as there was only a handful that bothered to watch their performances despite their rigorous training.

“Nung time na umabot na kami ng one to two years, feeling ko walang nangyayari, na parang stagnant lang,” said BINI Sheena.

Even the closure of their home network, ABS-CBN, in 2020, cast a shadow of uncertainty over their future.

“Yung time na nag shutdown ABS-CBN, natakot kami na saan kami dadalhin kasi ang dami de na namin sacrifices. Naisip ko nun, shucks, ano na mangyayari sa amin? Gigive up na ba tayo?” recalled Maloi.

But instead of giving in to despair, BINI chose to persevere, holding onto hope that their breakthrough would come. And come it did. Fast forward to 2024, and BINI is taking the country by storm with their infectious hits like “Pantropiko” and the sensational “Salamin, Salamin.”

For the members, their success is not just about fame—it’s also about gratitude. They’re thankful for their devoted fanbase, Blooms, and for the unwavering support of those who believed in them from the start.

“Ngayon, naggi-give back kami, ginagawa namin ang best namin. Sobra kaming thankful sa Blooms (fan base) namin, at sa mga taong grabe yung suporta at pagmamahal sa amin,” said BINI Maloi.

Now, they are gearing up for their first-ever major solo concert titled “BINIverse,” scheduled for June 28-30 at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City.