Becoming Filipino vlogger Kulas shares ‘nosebleed’ moment in Tagalog pre-marriage seminar

Canadian-turned-Filipino vlogger Kyle Jennermann powered through his Tagalog pre-marriage counseling with his fiancé Therine.

Canadian-vlogger-turned-naturalized Filipino Kyle Jennermann is getting married to his Filipina fiancé and the groom is making sure that his wedding is as Pinoy as it gets.

The vlogger, popularly known as Kulas to his followers, shared some of the preparations he and fiancé Therine are making ahead of their big day. And because they’re getting married in Church, they also have to undergo pre-marriage seminars that are conducted in Tagalog.

According to the Becoming Filipino vlogger, it was a “nosebleed” moment for him too because he took more time to understand Tagalog. He admitted that he was better versed in Bisaya and would have understood better in the dialect.

Still, this slight challenge was not a reason for him to abort his plans to wed in the country to his longtime girlfriend.

Kulas shared that they will be marrying in Therine’s hometown and that they are already considering whom to ask to become their godparents.

The comments section was filled with congratulations from the couple’s fans.

“We’re excited for your big day, too!”

“Congratulations to you both and blessings on your wedding day. God bless you with love and happiness together through the years”

“Congratulations Kulas n Therine! You will make a good family. God bless”

“Congratulations Kulas I’m proud what u done.”