Beat the heat! This Naga City engineer’s innovative cooling powder makes Pinoy summers a breeze

Bicolano engineer Dexter De Castro has invented a thermal-insulating powder that can be mixed into paints to keep homes cooler, especially during the dry season.

Beating the heat just got a lot cooler: A Naga City-based engineer has created a groundbreaking thermal insulating powder that will help Filipinos stay cool, especially during the punishing dry season.

Engineer Dexter De Castro drew inspiration from NASA’s space-age technology in coatings used on space shuttles for his creation, which promises to slash indoor temperatures by 30% to 60%.

“The coating used in NASA’s space shuttles keeps them cool and prevents people inside from getting burned as they re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s made of pre-cracked ceramic tiles with high silica content, alumina, and nano ceramic particles,” explained De Castro in the vernacular in an interview with GMA Regional TV.

But instead of space-grade materials, De Castro’s powder is crafted from a mix of soil and silica clay or white clay, making it accessible and affordable for daily use.

Last year, an engineer, Junval Parco put his invention to the test, applying it to the heat-exposed walls. The results? A remarkable drop in temperature after just two coatings.

“Before, leaning against my wall felt like leaning into an oven. But after applying this powder, just two coatings, our walls are no longer hot,” said Parco.

Now, De Castro’s invention is becoming a hit in his residential projects, earning rave reviews from clients impressed by its cooling power. It also doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, selling a bucket for Php1,620, with a kilo going for just Php330. He has also set his sights on patenting his creation.