Bashing on their behalf? SB19’s PABLO and Stell are having none of it!

SB19 kings PABLO and Stell proved that they would not stand for toxic fan behavior and called out A’TINs engaging in bad conduct against Sisi Rondina.

Fandoms can be pretty intense when it comes to defending their idols’ honor, but SB19’s PABLO and Stell are setting the record straight. They were the first to call out some of their A’TINs who were bashing volleyball star Sisi Rondina for not recognizing the group.

In his post on X, PABLO urged A’TINs to stop the hate and remember what the fandom name stands for—bringing pride to the Philippines “together.”

“Respect and acknowledge that hindi lahat ng tao, aware or nakakakilala sa group namin. Hindi rin sa lahat ng oras, everyone will hold a favorable opinion of us. THAT’S FINE! There’s no reason to spread hate, disrespect or drag down our fellow Filipinos,” said PABLO.

“Lahat tayo may effort na i-angat ang Pinoy. Hindi kelangan ikumpara kung sino mas magaling o sino mas maraming nagawa. Lahat mat pinaghirapan, lahat may nilalaban. Dapat hilahan pataas, kasi iisa pa rin naman ang goal natin,” he added.

While PABLO was diplomatic, Stell was more straightforward in calling out fans with toxic behavior.

Replying to a fan who compared Sisi’s contributions to Pinoy pride with the achievements of the MAHALIMA, Stell minced no words and said: “I do not condone this type of behavior. Stop this.”

The issue began when Sisi claimed she knew no other SB than Starbucks, sparking a barrage of negative comments from some loyal A’TINs. But with the kings of P-pop stepping in, it’s clear they truly deserve their crowns.