Bantayan Island, represent! Filipina artist’s masterpiece lights up Times Square’s #MidnightMoment

The work of Pinay artist Martha Atienza was selected to be featured in the Times Square Arts and Silverlens’ Midnight Moment in New York’s Times Square.

It’s not just international celebrities and K-pop stars who are showcased in New York’s Times Square. Filipina artist Martha Atienza’s work, “Our Islands” is stealing the spotlight for this month’s #MidnightMoment in Times Square.

Presented by Times Square Arts and Silverlens, this showcase is the world’s largest digital public art program, featuring contemporary artists on Times Square’s iconic electronic billboards. The program, spanning 41st to 48th Streets, presents art to millions of viewers each year, 364 nights annually. The Pinay artist was their featured artist last July 2.

Atienza’s artwork transforms a traditional local parade from the Philippines into an underwater spectacle in the Visayan Sea. Collaborating with her community in Bantayan, Cebu, Atienza aims to speak for the marginalized through her art, making it accessible globally.