Award-winning Pinay foodie Abi Marquez just schooled Benny Blanco on Jollibee in the most epic way—and it’s perfect!

Award-winning food content creator Abi Marquez gives American record producer and songwriter Benny Blanco a taste of true Pinoy pride by introducing herself as “from the land of Jollibee” and eating Jolly Spaghetti in front of him.

Food content creator Abi Marquez, also known as the “Lumpia Queen,” recently made her first trip to the United States to receive her People’s Voice Award for Social-Food and Drink at the 28th Annual Webby Awards.

But the trip was more than just personal glory. She was there to represent the Philippines.

Her US adventure didn’t just stop at collecting her award and snapping endless photos. She took things up a notch to raise the Philippine flag (and food) by introducing herself to none other than record producer and songwriter Benny Blanco—the same guy who recently dissed Jollibee’s food, much to the dismay of Pinoys everywhere.

Not content with just saying hi, Abi also proudly declared herself as hailing “from the land of Jollibee” and then boldly ate Jolly Spaghetti right in front of him, saying, “Philippines, this is for you!” before taking a bite of the beloved Jollibee dish.

“Eating Jollibee in front of @itsbennyblanco. Paid $35 to meet him and say I’m from the land of Jollibee,” wrote Aby in an Instagram post.

Benny sparked outrage among Filipinos with a TikTok video where he harshly criticized Jollibee’s food, even saying the Jolly Spaghetti “smells like vomit” and tasting it “ruined” his night.

Of course, Pinoy netizens was quick to shower Abi with praise for standing up for the beloved fast-food chain and representing the Philippines with pride:

“You’re da best, our lumpia queen!! I’d give you my most heartfelt standing ovation right now!!”

“I can sleep well na”

“omg!! a service to the Filipino people”

“Mabuhay ka, Abi Marquez!”

“Ha! Love it!!’