ARF-fordable Bed & Breakfast for a good cause! Animal Kingdom Foundation rolls out the ultimate pet-friendly staycation for the fam

Summer vacation is about to begin, and animal welfare group Animal Kingdom Foundation is offering a unique option for families and friends.

As the sweltering heat signals the start of summer vacation, families and friends usually begin planning their excursions and out-of-town trips. But if beaches and the typical tourist spots have lost their allure for you and your companions, Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF)has a unique option to offer.

The animal welfare group has rolled out Bed, Bark n’ Breakfast at AKF in Capas, Tarlac, where guests can bask in the quiet farm vibes and interact with furry friends under its care.

“Check out Bed, Bark n’ Breakfast’s affordable rates, and relaxing amenities. Your pet-friendly staycation resort just a few hours from the city,” said AKF in a Facebook post.

This one-of-a-kind pet-friendly staycation spot offers affordable rates and chill amenities. Plus, every stay helps AKF continue its mission of rescuing and rehabilitating slaughter-bound animals in need.

“Your stay helps us in the upkeep and operation of our animal rescue and rehabilitation center,” shared AKF.

Set on a lush two-hectare mango plantation, Bed, Bark n’ Breakfast lets guests unwind while bonding with rescued animals as part of their rehabilitation.