Araneta City pledges safe haven for cats after viral video incident

The viral video of a captured cat has spurred Araneta City management to renew its commitment to the proper treatment of felines.

The management of Araneta City is doubling down on its commitment to the welfare of all animals, especially our feline friends, in light of a recent viral video showing a cat from the premises of the shopping mall trapped in a net.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Araneta City assured the public and their cats that the commercial complex remains a safe space for all furry friends.

“Here at Araneta City, we ensure the welfare of all animals by promoting their safety and protection. We are committed to keeping the City of Firsts a safe haven for all,” said Araneta City.

This reassurance comes on the heels of a disturbing photo and video shared by Cats of Araneta City, showing a cat caught in a green net. The outcry was immediate, with netizens questioning the humane treatment of these animals.

“Sinako mga cats! Is this humane? Is this animal-friendly? PLS LEND US CAGES AND CAT CARRIERS. Kawawa po mga cats. The cats are hinihingal, nakalabas mga dila, iyak ng iyak, uhaw na uhaw! ARANETA CITY, WHERE IS YOUR HEART? ANIMAL-FRIENDLY ΚΑ ΒΑ?” posted Cats of Araneta City.

Responding to concerns, Araneta City clarified that the cat in question was part of their recent initiative to ensure the safety of cats within the complex. The management also assured that their personnel underwent training on proper handling and treatment of cats.

“Over the weekend, we gathered cats in mall premises to keep them away from dangerous areas for their safety,” explained Araneta City.

It also confirmed that the stray cat featured in the viral photo is now safe and snug in a pet carrier at Gateway Mall, awaiting neutering. As for the other cats, they have either found new homes or are under careful observation, with none sent to the city pound.

“The management has also reminded all personnel to make sure that all cats are safe and treated properly. Araneta City is mindful of the safety and welfare of all the cats in the area,” stressed Araneta City.