Ano daw? American teen spills the beans on her Filipina stepmom’s mystery word

An American teen shared that she is still unsure what “ano” her stepmom is talking about.
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Having a Filipino stepmom is pretty much like having a Filipino mom—or any mom, really. Half the time, you’re left filling in the blanks about what they actually mean. But you can’t blame them because they’re juggling a million tasks at once.

Nicky, an American teen, took to social media to share her LOL-experience with her Pinay stepmom and her mysterious go-to-word—“ano”—which still baffles her to this day.

In her viral post, Nicky revealed that whenever her stepmom forgets the name of something, she just says “ano,” which doesn’t help determine what she really wants or needs.

But then again, this is a super common expression in the Philippines, where kids have been cracking the “ano” code for centuries by guessing from the context.

Nicky’s online followers were in stitches over the story, especially because it’s clear that she and her stepmom share a tight bond.

(Santos-Lundin Family/FB)

“I feel you little miss… My wife also wants me to know the ‘ano’ and where the ‘ano’ is., and gets mad if I can’t figure out what ‘ano’ is…”

“Hahahaha…that ANO is still missing…ANO-nimous”

“You’re lucky your stepmom is a Filipina. You’re in good hands”

“Honey that’s every mom. My mexican mom does the same.”

“Its really nice that u get along with ur stepmom..”